Cloudschool IT Manager includes Ticketing & Remote monitoring, Remote Access and Power Management – plus Android and IOS apps to manage your network on the go.

When it comes to IT and inventory management the system can track inventory across multiple locations, plan strategic procurement, and streamline your audit process. For premises staff it enables you to keep on top of scheduled works and customise how often you are prompted to carry out required checks across your school.

Developed in conjunction with both IT co-ordinators ( with extensive experience in the Middle East and Ireland) and Managed IT companies, Cloudschool IT Manager is designed to meet the needs for monitoring and proactively managing a modern schools network.

When it comes to IT the Cloudschool IT Manager, can monitor the health of all connected devices, send warnings if any issues are detected, allow unattended remote access to all machines connected. It also boasts a ticketing system, power management allowing a single machine or group of machines to be shut down remotely. There is also a multi school option to allow multiple schools to be monitored from one central location. All of these features can be accessed from the web app, as well as Android and IOS apps.


Only the features you need. Find the features you are looking for without having to sort through a bunch of features you don’t need. Simply designed to be quick and easy to setup and use.Get the latest network info without the clutter. Keep an eye on everything within your network with an easy-to-use dashboard.Get the latest network info without the clutter. Keep an eye on everything within your network with an easy-to-use dashboard.

On the main dashboard you have a Calendar which can be shared with all users of the software. This can help co-ordinate and schedule tasks.

Start monitoring in minutes, Cloudschool IT manager client is simple to install and easy to set up. Quickly add devices to the dashboard and see data lightning fast. See how many devices are currently online. See how many new warnings and tickets have been raised.
Use the group chat system to co-ordinate between users, this will allow members of the IT department to easily communicate and plan strategies with each other.

I Wish I could. – This is a feature where Cloudschool want user feedback as to what they would like to change within the system, or features they would like added. IF IT IS FEESABLE WE WILL DO IT!!!

Live chat – when you need help, we are there to oblige!

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An essential tool for any IT co-ordinator is remote access to machines to fix the issue remotely. Inside remote access there is a chat functionality to allow the co-ordinator to communicate directly with the local user as they fix the issue. Unattended remote is possible from both the web portal and mobile apps.
This frees up time, energy, and resources, which can be better used in developing and improving the IT within the school rather than firefighting.

Cloudschool IT manager remote access uses advanced encryption capabilities to ensure complete security of all data, it works seamlessly with your existing firewall system, without any special configuration requirements.

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The system continuously monitors all connected machines. If the system detects an issue or an imminent issue it will generate a warning which will appear in your user portal. A notification will also be sent through the mobile app.

Fix issues before they are issues. Get real-time network insights and spot slow, sluggish, or overwhelmed systems and devices long before they crash or users start complaining.

Get alerts when you need them. Don’t sweat IT: Get customisable notifications, set timings when notifications come in. When it’s time to switch off and relax: simply pause notifications, don’t worry they will be there waiting for you when you come back to work!

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A support ticket system allows IT co-ordinators to streamline communications in a single ticket, all within an organised workflow. This leads to quicker resolution of individual support requests. If a ticket is raised for the same machine again, the IT co-ordinator will automatically have access to important information about that machine, including when the last ticket was raised, what the issue was, how it was resolved, and even how long it took for a resolution.

The Cloudschool IT manager ticketing system allows the end user to raise a ticket with two options. The first one is create a ticket for the machine that the ticket is being raised on. In this instance the IT manager will take a snap shot of all services and programs running at that time, also the current CPU and RAM usage along with disk space. This information is very useful in helping to resolve the ticket.
The option to raise a ticket is to raise one for a different machine than the one the ticket is being raised on. In this instance the person raising the ticket will be prompted to name the machine that the ticket is being raised for and give as much information as possible about the issue.
When a ticket is raised it is possible for the person who raised it to login and check the progress of the ticket. They will also get an automatic notification telling them when the ticket has been closed.To see trends and recurring issues, a complete history of all tickets raised for each machine is available to see in the history tab of the machine within the IT manager.

To see trends and recurring issues, a complete history of all tickets raised for each machine is available to see in the history tab of the machine within the IT manager.

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Power management has become increasingly important in schools today, with a far greater emphasis on the environment and energy conservation. Not only does the power management module help save energy and the environment, it also helps save money for the school in energy costs.

The power management module shows how many devices are currently online. It enables the user to shut them down remotely, either individually or as a group.
It also allows policies to be set for groups of machines or individual machines to be shut down at a scheduled time.

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With all the features of the system available on both Android and IOS apps, the Cloudschool IT Manager genuinely makes life easier for the IT department. Whether dealing with tickets, looking at warnings, remoting into a machine, using power management or simply managing your schedule through the shared calendar, all these can be done from your phone, tablet or Ipad.

With easy to manage notifications that can be scheduled so that they only come in between certain times, the app is a powerful asset for any IT department.

There is also a chat function for the system users to chat and co-ordinate between themselves.

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The system has an extensive amount of back end reporting. The machines are easily sorted into groups with the ability to create groups of computers – eg. Teachers machines, room 1. The machines can then be added to a group with a simple drag and drop system to add any computer into any group. If you want to change the group it is as simple as dragging the machine into the desired group.
Some of the features in the back end are:
• List of warnings
• Open Tickets
• For each computer - History button - pull in a full list of all tickets raised for that computer
• For each computer - Time Button - show the total amount of time spent working on this machine

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