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I.T. Support on Demand

What does this mean? Our system is simple, there are no costly support contracts or expensive call out charges. Simply put, we offer remote IT support with a no fix no fee arrangement. We have built custom software and a smartphone app to ensure that managing your IT infrastructure is a simple task even for teachers that may not have a lot of technical knowledge. Install a small piece of software on your school PCs and you can monitor the health of all devices. In fact, our system will even warn you of problems before they arise. When you have a problem you simply use the smartphone app to notify us. We will remotely access the computer in question at a time that suits you and fix the problem.

Only get charged for the time taken to fix the issue

We do not have callout fees or monthly/yearly subscription fees. You simply pay for the time it takes to fix the machine. For example, if a fix takes 30 minutes to fix you would be charged €40. There are no hidden fees or extras

Manage your IT from your Smartphone

When you sign up for the Cloudschool IT Manager you get our smartphone app free of charge. From this app you can easily manage your school computers. You will see all warnings of potential issues on computers. You can deal with support tickets from other teachers and staff. The smartphone app can manage all aspects of your IT support.

Experienced Engineers at your Fingertips

Our engineers have experience working with educational institutions. They are highly knowledgeable and will quickly and efficiently fix issues. Your school will have the benefit of an experienced engineer that is always available at a fraction of the cost of a managed IT support contract. Our engineers do not have to travel to your school, thus saving time and money. Our no fix, no fee arrangement ensures that your school is getting incredible value for money.

Full Remote IT Support without the Cost

We believe in simplicity and transparency. Our IT support is completely based on no fix, no fee. We do not charge annual subscriptions, we do not offer tiered support options, we do not charge for extras. We charge per half hour and that is it. Most issue are solved within half an hour. You can simply pick a time that suits you and our engineers will remotely log in and fix the issues. Your school now has the benefit of an IT support contact without the cost.

Modern & Flexible

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Keep PCs running fast

Our software will identify issues with storage, ram, processors etc on your school computers. The system will then present you with a warning of the issue. You can then choose for our engineers to fix the problem

GDPR compliant

Ensure that all your PCs updates are current. Our system will tell you if your antivirus is not activated or if your operating system is not activated. This helps to ensure compliance with GDPR

Clear communication

The warnings on our system are easy to understand. Our engineers are based in Ireland so there will not be language issues

Save Time

Our engineers can be remotely fixing your issue within minutes of it being handed over to us. This reduces downtime for the teacher or pupil

Keep Everything Organised

With Cloudschool IT Manager, you have one portal to deal with IT support tickets. You can review all work carried out by our engineers. You can create a full inventory of all IT assets in the school and see trends with troublesome machines

We want to hear from you

On our web portal there is an area called 'I wish I could'. If you have any ideas to improve our system, we would be delighted to hear from you. If your idea is feasible you could see it being added to the system as soon as is practical

Love this App. It has simplififed the management of our school computers"
Kim Smith
"Fantastic! I was responsible for fixing computers in our school until Cloudschool IT Manager freed me"
John Williams
"This App has saved our school a fortune in IT Support bills"
Liz James
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