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Cloudschool Primary School Manager has been designed from the ground up specifically for Primary Schools in Ireland. We have worked extensively with experienced teachers to produce an application that simplifies management and reduces time spent on administration for teachers in the classroom

Easy to use interface

Teacher's can take class attendance in minutes directly from their smartphone. All data is saved directly back to a secure location so there are no data protection issues in using your personal phone for recording class data. Cloudschool is fully compliant with all Department of Education requirements for electronic roll books.

Time Saving

Record homework and exam results quickly and easily using your smartphone. Photograph and upload evidence of homework and exams from your smartphone directly to our web application

Communicate with everybody

Whether it is informing parents of a class trip or informing staff members of an incident in the yard at lucnhtime, everybody or anybody can be contacted instantly directly through our smartphone app

Behaviour and Observations

Behaviour can be tracked and updated through the app. Observational assessments can be entered through your smartphone during class time. This simplifies record keeping and saves time on administration

Modern & Easy to Use

Manage everything from creating digital consent forms to taking attendance from one simple to use application

Create Consent Forms

In minutes, a teacher can create and send consent forms to parents for class trips, sports etc. Parents can simply tick a box on the digital form to give consent. This is all recorded on the web app so a teacher can easily see which consent forms are still outstanding

GDPR Compliant

All of the school data is securely stored offsite and is fully compliant with GDPR

Clear Communication

Use the smartphone app to instantly communicate with other teachers or send announcements to parents and students

Take Attendance

Cloudschool is fully compliant with all Department of Education requirements for electronic roll books. Using our smartphone app, a teacher can quickly and easily take attendance of their class

Behaviour and Observations

Instantly record behavioural incidents and record observations made during class activities. This saves time on administration outside of class time

Full Demo Content

Teachers can mark homework and assessments directly from the smartphone app. They can even upload images of the homework or assessment and then share results directly with the student's parents

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