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Pro-actively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure.

Manage remotely from the cloud with either web or mobile apps.

Save time and money with the IT Manager

An IT Management Solution that includes, Remote monitoring, Warnings, Ticketing, Power management, Remote access and Reporting.​

At Cloud School we have been providing to education sector customers services for almost a decade. Schools have chosen to use our IT Manager software because not only does it make the life of the IT co-ordinator easier also the financial return on the investment is very compelling.

With smartphone applications that harness cloud and mobile technologies to help you do far more than just keep track of all your equipment. You'll be able to remotely monitor and manage your entire IT network, and also implement impressive efficiency savings across IT.

Designed to help schools to have far more control on their IT infrastructure. The IT manager software was designed with the guidance of a former teacher and IT co-ordinator, with over 10 years experience of the pitfalls and issues faced trying to effectively manage an IT infrastructure in todays schools.

The IT manager software will proactively help the IT co-ordinator monitor the health of devices and pre-empt issues before they arrive. With a power management module, the IT manager can schedule for PCs to be shut down at the end of academic day saving dramatically on power consumption.

IT Manager

€600 per annum for a site licence            
€0.20 per month per connected device.


Noticeboard €250 per annum.

Note: All prices are subject to Vat @ 23%.